Usage Data

This site contains usage statistics and visualizations for electronic resources provided through the Virtual Library of Virginia, Virginia's academic library consortium. The tool was developed by Rachel Maderik in collaboration with the VIVA Central Office. It is open source, constructed in PHP and MySQL, and available on GitHub.

Updated Dec 8, 2018

school Institution View
school Institution View provides package and title-level data for individual institutions. All VIVA content is placed in context for your institution, and you can add benchmarks to other institutions at the package level.
InstitutionInstitution Type
Bitterbridge CollegeMedium-Sized College
Crakehall CollegeMedium-Sized College
Maidenpool UniversitySmall College
Oxcross UniversityMedium-Sized College
University of DuskendaleLarge University
University of LysLarge University
University of QohorSmall College
University of StokeworthSmall College
University of SeagardLarge University