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Report Type Vendor Abbrev Product # Titles Total Usage Avg. Use/Title
Database National Animal Publishers SA Sloth Abstracts 83836
Database National Animal Publishers CA Cat Abstracts 20312
Database National Animal Publishers GA Gerbil Abstracts 9978
Database National Animal Publishers LHA Long Horse Abstracts 9022
Database National Animal Publishers DA Dog Abstracts 7612
Database Ralston CSC Carlson Science Collection 5483
Database Ralston EK Emirates Series 1422
Database Ralston DS2 Dreamlifter Series 1200
Database Regents VMC Van Munching Collection 182602
Database Regents LFC Le Frak Collection 92510
Database Regents JFT Jimenez Full Text 85228
Database Regents SC Symons Collection 49045
Database Regents BAC Ballentine Arts Collection 10939
Database Regents JA Jull Abstracts 9486
Database Regents BLC Becht Literature Collection 6406
Database Regents PA Patterson Abstracts 5934
Database Regents NA Nyumburu Abstracts 3755
Journal National Animal Publishers HA Hornbake Articles 118 20045 170
Journal Bad Wolf Publishing SFP Shipley Field Publications 63 59167 939
Journal Channel Publishing SOC Skinner Online Collection 1848 314598 170
Journal Orangehead Ltd St Stamp 75 4789 64
Journal Scrimpton Toll-A Toll Archives 4 7109 1777
Journal Scrimpton Toll Toll Journals 1 30695 30695
E-Book Earth Pubs ESE Earth Science E-Books 2023 149362 74
E-Book Halyomorph Group MME Marie Mount Ebooks 55 1159 21
E-Book Aspire MEC McKeldin E-Book Collection 1885 143024 76
E-Book National Animal Publishers TB Tawes Books 215 5021 23